The 7 Day Period Fix Challenge:
Start healing your Cycle naturally in Just 5 minutes per day
To be free of period pain, irregular cycles, acne breakouts and crazy mood swings with minimum effort and maximum results. Vibrant skin, improved energy & improved cycles or your money back!
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Stop living life on your period's terms...
Are you sick of being a prisoner to your hormones? 

You're not alone. 80% of women suffer from hormonal imbalances and period problems like painful periods, PMS, crazy cycle length, mood swings and so much more. It's no wonder thousands of people have joined this challenge already.

The 7 Day Period Fix Challenge arms you with evidence-based food and lifestyle changes to take back control of your period today. The simple protocol tackles the root cause of period problems, rather than just suppressing the symptoms.

We’re not talking about crazy diet overalls or hours in the gym here - just simple tweaks to your current routine which take less than 5 minutes per day to implement. Providing your body with the right foods and nutrients is the secret to blissful periods. Minimum effort for maximum results.

The daily 5 minute video modules walk you through the key changes you need to make to get you on the road to gloriously pain-free periods, regular cycles and clear skin (and have fun doing it!). Tam and her team are with you every step of the way providing live support as you implement the 7 day protocol. 

And as a can start living the life you were meant to live (because let's face it - ain't no one got time for period problems!)
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What Do You Get When You Sign Up To The 7 Day Period Fix Challenge?

The 7 Day Period Fix Challenge is absolutely stacked with value, including daily video & audio guides to your challenges as well as bonuses like a full recipe book, access to our support community, live support from our team of nutritionist and a meal plan for your week... 

Daily Videos

Daily video guides to walk you through each step of your 7 Day Period Fix Challenge. I'm here to guide you every step of the way with our evidence based protocol to address period problems

Value: $97

Audio Files To Match

For those that want to reset their hormones on the go, we've got daily audio files of your challenges and what to do each day.

Value: $27

Group Support

Get full access to our exclusive Nourished Hormone Sisterhood group to join all of our 7 Day Resetters and get direct access to our team of hormone specialists

Value: $197

Weekly Meal Plan

Get access to a fully nutritionist and naturopath curated meal plan to make your hormone resetting journey easier. Step by step guidance on what to eat for each day.

Value: $47

PDF Guide

A full PDF covering all the challenges in the 7 Day Period Fix Challenge, what to do each day and the evidence based methodologies behind our strategies.

Value: $27

Full Recipe Book

Get a full recipe book for the creations in your weekly meal plan. This is a seriously amazing bonus. We are even a little surprised ourselves that we included such epic value here!

Value: $47

My First Cycle Guarantee

I'm so confident that you'll see amazing results in your first full cycle that I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is. If you do the work in the 7 Day Period Fix and DON'T start to see improved energy, more vibrant skin or reduced PMS/period pain after your first cycle or in the first week, I'll happily give you your money back... What have you got to lose? I want happy students and you want results. It's a win-win.
7 DAY PERIOD FIX is a shortcut
Before I created the 7 Day Period Fix Challenge - I was drowning in horrendous hormonal acne, painful periods, crazy mood swings and irregular periods for years and was on the verge of giving up.

I was working round the clock to figure out what was wrong with me. I saw countless doctors, specialists, nutritionists, naturopaths, health coaches and spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to heal my hormones.

I got myself a deal I never signed up for.

Which led me to question everything and eventually turn the entire model upside down, breaking all the rules and freeing me from the chains of the old ways.

After years of failed attempts to heal my hormones, and the crushing feeling of my hopes being dashed after every new practitioner or fad diet I tried, I knew it was time to take things into my own hands. I spent 10 years researching hour after hour how to naturally balance my hormones.

I did a bachelor degree in nutritional medicine and women’s health to learn more. After years of research and thousands of dollars spent, I finally figured out a way to clear my acne, regulate my cycle and protect my fertility. I didn’t want other women to suffer through the horrendous trial and error I went through to find answers, so I dedicated my life to teaching women how to achieve the same results. I went on to complete a bachelor degree in education so I could package my learnings and bring them to people like you.

Now, you have the opportunity to get started replicating exactly how I healed my hormones by joining my $27.00 digital course: The 7 Day Period Fix Challenge.

Here's how it works: The traditional method of healing your hormones is something you can probably relate to. You’ve likely seen doctor after doctor. Maybe you’ve visited natural health practitioners as well in the hope of finding a more natural solution, but still struggled to make lasting changes to your health.

These professionals will usually focus on individual symptoms (like your acne, period pain or mood swings) and aim to suppress the symptom. While this might result in some short term relief, chances are you are back dealing with the old symptoms or a new issue after a short time. This model of addressing issues individually doesn’t take into account the root cause of all of your symptoms which is an imbalance in your hormones.

We are stuck in a medicalized world that is so focused on symptomatic treatment, that most problems remain unresolved because the root cause is never identified and treated.

Let me give you an example:


7 Day Period Fix Challenge

If you’re ready for blissful periods, vibrant energy, clockwork periods and supercharged fertility, this is the ultimate kickstart digital mini-course to making it happen.

5 FREE Fast Action Bonuses

Access to daily videos outlining your challenge

Access to daily videos of Tam outlining your daily hormone reset challenge. 

Downloadable audio files with your challenges

Want to listen to these on the run? Download the audio version of your daily hormone reset challenge and listen on the go.

Access to the Nourished Sisterhood Facebook Group

This will help keep you motivated and accountable during the 7 days and beyond. Any questions you have about individualising your challenge will be answered by myself or the Nourished team.

7 Day Hormone Balancing Meal Plan

The nutritionist approved meal plan will help to take the guesswork out of how to organise your meals throughout the day to keep your hormones balanced without sacrificing taste.

Hormone Loving Recipe Book

This recipe book is the ultimate bonus to support your journey to balanced hormones by using the healing power of food as medicine. 
Here's How I Went From Painful Periods, Acne, 
PMS and Irregular Cycles To Clear Skin and 
Balanced Hormones By Ignoring The Common Wisdom, 
Breaking All The Rules, And Turning 
The Medicalised Hormone Treatment Model Upside Down
This Is Something Completely New, Completely Different, Completely Unlike Anything You've Ever Heard of Before.

You should be. 

After all, you can’t believe everything you read on the internet :-) 
so let me prove it to you
But first, I have a disclaimer:
I have the benefit of 10 years of experience, including two bachelor degrees, post-graduate education and thousands of hours of my own research.

The average person who buys any “how to” information gets little to no results. I’m using these references for example purposes only.

Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and commitment to the challenge.

All purchases entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT START THIS CHALLENGE.

And yes, it took me time and energy to achieve my results.
 With that said … let me jump right in and show you…

And I Did It By Using A Completely Counterintuitive Model That I’m About To Share With You On This Very Page…
The same 7 Day Period Fix Challenge that women from all over the world are now using to achieve naturally balanced hormones…

...And in turn clearer skin faster than ever before...

...All while regulating your cycle so you can focus on WHAT YOU WANT...

...And best of all pain free periods!

And you can BET...

This 7 Day Period Fix Challenge is unlike any method you heard of before…

…This is something completely different, because…
  •  We don’t focus on suppressing your symptoms
  • ​​ We don’t focus on ignoring what your body is trying to communicate to you
  • ​​ We don’t focus on medications
  • ​ We don’t focus on spending thousands of dollars on supplements 
  • ​ We don’t focus on wasting time only addressing one symptom 
  • ​ We don’t focus on seeing doctor after doctor
In fact: we rarely (if ever) waste time and money to simply suppress your symptoms of period pain, acne, PMS and irregular cycles.
Instead We Get To The Root Cause Of Your Hormone Imbalance And Fix The Symptoms For Good
Like I said…
This is something completely different and it has the power to change everything for you…
…and I know that’s true…

Because it changed everything for me.

The 7 Day Period Fix allowed me to get rid of 99% of all the BS that I hated when it comes to balancing hormones and getting rid of acne:
  • ​​Turning to the pill for irregular cycles and PCOS 
  • ​Using medicated creams and pills for acne treatment 
  • ​Taking copious amounts of painkillers for period pain ​​
  • ​Spending endless amounts of time at specialist appointments 
  • ​Having more symptoms show up and feeling like the cycle never ends
The 7 Day Period Fix Challenge Freed Me From That Cycle And Allowed Me Get started on my journey to Pain Free, Regular Periods, Clear Skin and no PMS
Here’s what my life used to look like 
(and If you’ve ever experienced crippling period pain, confidence destroying acne, irregular cycles and emotional mood swings before your period, 
then I’m sure you can relate)…

I call this the “Symptomatic Treatment Cycle”:
  • Step 1 - See GP 
  • Step 2 - Treat individual symptom
  • ​Step 3 - Get put on medication for this symptom
  • ​Step 4 - Get referred to a specialist 
  • ​Step 5 - Treat individual symptoms once again
  • ​Step 6 - Spend tons of money 
  • ​Step 7 - Get put on new medication
  • ​Step 8 - Spend more money
  • ​Step 9 - Still don't know what's wrong, likely dealing with more issues than before 
  • ​Step 10 - Start over 
The Symptomatic Treatment Cycle not only sucked, but kept me stuck for many years - forcing me to constantly deal with debilitating period pain, confidence-crushing acne, irregular periods and imbalanced hormones while working my ass off to deal with these symptoms.

To be honest…

...I almost gave up on this whole idea of having pain free periods and balancing my hormones

... But before I gave up..

I wanted to try something.

Something that - if it worked.

It would change everything.

And as you're about to find out, what I tried...

... It worked...

And I spent years turning it into a system...
And I Put An Abridged Version Of This System Into My “7 Day Period Fix Challenge” 
- You Can Start On This Journey In Just A Few Moments...
But before you do.

I’d like to introduce myself and tell you about how all this came to be.

My name is Tam Woods…

Life is pretty incredible right now…

I just gave birth to a gorgeous, healthy baby girl after managing to fall pregnant naturally despite all odds due to my PCOS.

I run an online business helping hundreds of women free themselves from debilitating period pain, confidence destroying acne and fertility struggles.

After years of studying and going through the endless treatment options for PCOS, I managed to naturally reverse my symptoms. After years of struggling with my health I was able to achieve:
  • Pain free periods
  • ​Healthy glowing skin (so I could finally leave the house without feeling self conscious!)
  • Regular, healthy cycles 
  • ​Supercharged fertility 
  • ​Little to no PMS
  • ​Improved moods
  • ​Improved digestion
  • ​Natural conception
  • ​And a healthy pregnancy and baby girl
Here are some pictures of what my life looks like now...
As We Get To Know Each Other… You’ll Quickly Realize Why I Consider Myself one of The Luckiest People On Earth - So Let’s Talk About Where I Was 10 Years Ago When I Realised I Needed to Make A Change
I was 19 years old and had just started university

My face was covered with confidence-destroying acne

I had incredibly painful and debilitating periods that left me bed-bound 

My period was completely all over the shop, with my cycles lasting many months

... and I was feeling completely out of touch with my own body

 couldn’t leave the house without a face full of makeup, bumping into friends on the street gave me anxiety and I dreaded the next period and it’s symptoms

In your own journey, you might have come across a deeply perpetuated myth that going on the pill or another medication can “regulate” your cycle or clear your acne.

...I found out the hard way that this isn’t the case

… Unfortunately these band aid treatments are almost never the answer...

I know, because I tried.

I gave it everything I had.

I listened to the advice that health professionals were giving me and followed it to a ‘T’

I gave it my BEST shot.

And it didn’t work.

But because I played by the rules and I did everything ‘right’...
I Ended Up With Worse Acne, Worse Period Pain and Irregular Cycles And I Hated It…
I hated it because at 19 I just wanted to be social and not worry about people staring at my face

I hated it because I was that person who always cancelled plans last minute because of an unexpected period starting

I hated it because while I wasn’t near ready for kids, I knew I wanted them someday and was secretly terrified it would never happen 

I had goals, dreams and aspirations...I wanted more out of life...

...and living with these symptoms daily wasn't going to work. 

So I started looking for a way out.

I tried everything and after years of using myself as a guinea pig I finally found a lasting solution.

A natural way of balancing my hormones through implementing a specific diet and lifestyle changes. This meant I was able to reverse my PCOS symptoms, clear my skin, have pain free periods, fix my digestion as well as achieve regular cycles.

I did this by identifying the root cause of my hormone imbalance instead of simply staying on the pill for my PCOS and ignoring how my body was trying to communicate with me.

The 7 Day Period Fix Challenge Is The Simplest Way To Achieve Pain Free Periods, Clear Skin and Regular Cycles Naturally 
Picture this:
 Leaving the house with confidence in your clear and glowing skin 
 Stable moods in the leadup to your period (no more biting your partner’s head off!)
 Supercharged fertility that easily supports natural conception now or in the future, if and when you choose
 A sense of being in sync with your body, deeply understanding its ebbs and flows, and confidence to address any future issues that arise
You know the best part that attracted me to doing it this way?
You Don’t Even Have To Spend Thousands Of Dollars...
Which means you can have pain free periods and regular cycles without spending the time and money seeing countless specialists and being placed on different medications.

All you have to do is make the commitment to putting your hormones first for the next 7 days...
And That Was The Birth Of Nourished Natural Health
After countless hours of research, I deeply understood the importance of listening to what my body was trying to communicate instead of simply suppressing my symptoms with band aid treatments.

I had no idea how to regulate my hormones, fix my skin, help my digestion or get rid of my period pain

All I knew was that it was time to take charge and start listening to what my body was trying to tell me and work with it not against it!

Here's what my skin looked like 10 years ago...
And even though I had the support from some health practitioners with valuable knowledge

I still had to take countless amounts of medication and spend thousands of dollars on treatment.

Looking back, those first few years of my journey were brutal.

Late nights.

Hard work.


I did everything they said. Tried every medication possible. Went to every specialist appointment. Followed every meal plan.
 And still, no results. Doing this only brought about more symptoms and more health issues - hello PCOS and concerns about my future fertility.

That was my life and I was ready to quit.

But thankfully, I didn't...
That Was 10 Years Ago. Fast Forward To Today And It Almost Seems Like A Bad Dream
I proved the idea of “following the traditional advice” to be all wrong…

Instead of simply staying on the pill and other medications to mask my symptoms, caking my face with makeup and spending 1000s on new diets and skin treatments...

I'm living with clear and glowing skin, pain free periods and regular cycles and the best part… I was able to naturally fall pregnant with my gorgeous daughter...
I have my gorgeous baby daughter as a result of naturally balancing my hormones and putting in the hard work.

The traditional approach to addressing symptoms like mine is to simply mask and suppress them. 

Sure, you might gain some relief in the short term, but suppressing your symptoms is never a lasting solution because as soon as you stop using the bandaid treatment, they return (often with a vengeance!). 

I know this all too well because I did this for years, and it not only drove me crazy…

It drove me to the point where I was noticing my health declining and not improving!

Instead of the clear skin and regular periods with no pain I was promised, I had other symptoms showing up that I didn’t expect like low libido and energy, worse acne and even more irregular cycles.  

Want To Know What The Main Difference Is With The 7 Day Period Fix Challenge And That “Old Way” Of Doing Things?
You get results that not only give you relief in the short term, but actually last in the long term!
Rather than following the traditional advice and treating each symptom separately, I developed a new approach that works.
And The Results That I Achieved Using This New Approach?
Which Naturally Leads To...
I achieved regular and healthy periods, acne-free skin, blissful, pain-free periods, increased energy and libido and a strong feeling of living in tune with what my body needs to communicate with me.

And the best part of this balanced hormonal bliss? I was able to easily fall pregnant naturally and have a healthy pregnancy and birth of my baby girl, all by getting to the root cause of my hormonal imbalance.
The really cool thing is that…

If you follow every single step that I teach, you’ll be well on the road to regular cycles, pain free periods, clear skin and supercharged fertility...

But it’s much more than that..
It’s Actually A Whole New Way Of Learning To Listen To Your Body
How many programs have you seen come and go through the years to help women fix their periods and skin?
  •  Promoting the ‘miracle life changing diet’
  • ​Or the 'miracle supplement'
  • Or the 'must try proven method'
I’m going to share something with you...

Here it goes:

I am about to bust some common myths you have likely spent years believing

The very myths which are likely the reason who are still struggling to achieve clear skin and fix your period

The other gurus out there are 'helping' women by teaching the opposite of what I teach (except it doesn't work).
Ready for it?
The #1 Mistake Everyone Else Makes Is Suppressing Their Hormone Symptoms 
Here’s why:

There are two types of women out there.

There are the "let’s just mask and ignore my symptoms" type, and there are the "let’s get to the bottom of what these symptoms could be telling me" type.

For my first few years of my journey - I was all about suppressing those symptoms.

I was done with suffering through them and wanted the quickest possible fix.

If you’re in this camp like I was, you probably tried endless amounts of medications and spent countless hours seeing doctors and specialists.

This first strategy is to try to ignore what your body is telling you by suppressing the symptoms as quickly as possible. Relief sounds pretty good in the short term right?

But by focusing on this strategy - you spend a ton of time and money on..
  • Doctors and specialists appointments
  • ​Medications
  • ​Endless amounts of supplements, face masks, spot treatments and weird 'cleanses' 
    All of this requires time and energy.

    Which would be fine if it actually resulted in getting rid of your symptoms for good.

    Instead, masking these symptoms means we miss out on an important communication with our bodies which are trying to let us know something is out of balance on a deeper level.

    You see - acne, period pain, irregular cycles and fertility struggles don’t happen because your body is against you.

    They happen because your body is trying to communicate that something deeper needs attention.

    When we use treatments that simply mask the symptom, we are missing the messages our body is trying to send.

    This means that this communication can go from a gentle whisper to a loud roar (far worse and more difficult to address symptoms in the long term).

    The cycle continues because the root cause is never addressed with a holistic approach .

    Yes, your acne might clear up temporarily whilst on the pill, or your cycles might seem like they have regulated, but as soon as you stop using these band aid treatments, your old symptoms are likely to return with even more vengeance than before.

    You can probably see how this creates a spiral of reliance on medications and fear to stop using them, without finding a lasting solution.

    This is the same exact thing that happened to me before I figured out the 7 Day Period Fix Challenge. I felt like I was drowning in my symptoms with no way out.
    The solution?
    That's right...

    As much as I know you want that clear skin and regular period today, taking a moment to understand what your body is trying to communicate and why these symptoms are arising is key...

    ...Because I don’t know about you, but I’d rather achieve pain free periods, clear skin and regular cycles for good rather than simply suppressing these symptoms for a few years. 

    No thanks. I did that before and it sucks.

    So here's the deal...

    ...I'll explain everything in my 7 Day Period Fix Challenge. It's a 7 Day Challenge that shows you everything you need to know to get started on your hormone healing journey for good.

    So Here's The Idea Behind The 7 Day Period Fix Challenge
    Right now, as you're reading this very page...

    There's a lot of activity happening in the world of women's hormone health.

    This world is constantly changing each and every day with different experts suggesting new ways of treating hormone issues either with a new ‘fad’ diet or a new ‘superpower supplement’ or a new medication. 

    This has created massive confusion in women all around the world with period problems who are now lost with what to believe and where to start on their hormone journey..

    Now, most of these women looking to heal their periods and hormones are looking for a new solution...

    And as you may have guessed - I have it right here for you.

    And what's really exciting is that once you adopt this holistic approach to balancing your hormones, you’ll be able to find the root cause and be free of the endless cycle of symptom suppression.

    And that's where the 7 Day Period Fix Challenge comes in...

    It does this beautifully in 7 daily actionable steps that are simple and easy to follow…(because we all know there is WAY too much confusing and conflicting advice out there)

    And that’s the difference here. 

    When you approach your hormone problems using this challenge the results are simple and sustainable.

    When you approach them the old way, your issues are only addressed in the short term, setting you up for failure

    Don’t get me wrong - specialists and medications are certainly not bad. They have a very important and necessary role

    However, if your goal is to have pain free, regular periods, clear glowing skin, and supercharged fertility the approach of suppressing and ignoring your symptoms by using medications might actually be the thing that’s holding you back from getting it!

    Only treating one symptom at a time requires time, money, constant trips to the doctors and specialists and ongoing medications or supplements.

    Getting to the root cause of your symptoms just requires a few manageable lifestyle and dietary tweaks to heal your hormones for good.

    And that's why this is different.

    And You Know What? I'll Stake My Entire Reputation On This One Promise
    You can achieve hormone balance...
    And once you start using this 7 Day Period Fix Challenge

    Getting regular periods, clear skin and pain free periods without using countless medications and spending thousands of dollars on specialist appointments isn’t something you ever need to worry about again - or even think about.

    It’s something that will happen easily and naturally if you stick with the protocols taught in the challenge. 

    Here’s what I want you to do now: set a date in your calendar right now - 7 days from today.

    Because If you implement everything I’m going to share with you in the 7 Day Period Fix Challenge

    That’s when you’ll start seeing your first signs of clear skin and balanced hormones.

    That’s how easy this is.

    I know how ridiculous that sounds…

    And Just A Few Years Ago… I’d Tell You That You’re Crazy If You’d Ever Believe Such a Program Existed…
    …But, today I know better.


    I don’t care how many times you’ve tried to clear your skin or achieve regular periods or even get rid of your period pain…

    I promise you this…

    Anyone can achieve pain free and regular periods and clear skin with the right approach (more on this below)..

    Ultimately I want you to know one thing..
    If I Can Do This, So Can You!
    Because hundreds of other ladies are doing it too right now within the Nourished Hormone Sisterhood...

    Here are some recent posts:
    and here's another reason
    you too can do this
    It took me over 5 years to "figure this out"...

    ...and another 5 to perfect it.

    (2 bachelor degrees, postgraduate study and lived experience working with hundreds of women just like you in my clinic to be specific!)

    So it’s safe to say that there isn't anything left for you to figure out.

    I already did all of the hard work for you.

    I figured it all out.

    Which means...there’s nothing for you to “figure out”.

    You just need to sign up for this challenge and most important of all - implement it!

    That’s it…
    Here Are A Few Things You'll Discover In The 7 Days of The Period Fix Challenge:
    • Discover exactly what a hormone imbalance is and what normal looks like (All explained on Day 1)...
    • Uncover some key things you can do to start healing your PCOS in just a week (All explained throughout the challenge)…
    • ​How to go deep on healing your hormonal acne once and for all (Get stuck into Day 4)…
    • ​What your poop tells you about your hormones (Explained on Day 2)…
    • ​The impact of caffeine and alcohol on your hormones and what you need to do to rid them from your life (at least temporarily) (Deep in Day 1)…
    • The key thing that everyone is getting wrong about diet and hormonal support: that fat doesn’t actually make you FAT and how fat can actually reduce period pain and PMS symptoms (The key reveal in Day 3)…
    • ​The key mindset shift that needs to take place in order to start balancing your hormones (A little pre-Day 1 bonus for you)...
    • ​Why giving your liver the love and attention that it needs is critical to healing your hormones naturally (More Day 1 goodness)…
    • ​How you might have been doing a basic bodily function all wrong, all this time… (Go to Day 4)…
    • ​My top tip for getting through challenging diet changes and how these changes can lead to improved hormonal health and help you lose weight faster and easier (All in the pre-week kickoff)…
    • ​Why leafy greens are a godsend for your hormonal health and how they can be a key element to rapidly changing your body (All about Day 2)… 
    • How a simple spice that has been living in your cupboard can massively improve your blood sugar balance, lower your insulin levels and massively improve your hormones (Check it out in Day 6)…
    • How Vitamin A impacts your body as a precursor to hormone production (Some gold on Day 2)… 
    • ​Why folate can be a game changer for your health and how you can easily get MORE in your diet to help to reduce the risk of cervical cancer in the process (Getting deep on your second day)…
    • ​My entire step-by-step guide to reducing bloating (Explained on Day 4)…
    • ​My number one miracle supplement for hormonal imbalance and why everyone with a hormonal imbalance should be taking this if nothing else. (Skip to Day 5)…
    • ​My methodology to healing PMS and period pain (Detailed across every day of the challenge)…
    • ​My ultimate hormone balancing meal and how you can replicate this every day (All on Day 7)…
    • ​Direct access to myself and my highly trained team through our Hormone Sisterhood Facebook group
    • ​And much, much more!
    And that's not all, because...
    Here's What Else You're Going To Discover In The 7 Day Period Fix Challenge
    I’ll Also Show You How To Make Sure You Can Continue Using These 7 Steps Beyond The 7 Days To Keep Having Pain Free Regular Periods With Acne Free Skin.

    If You’re Ready For Blissful Periods, Vibrant Energy, Clockwork Periods And Supercharged Fertility, This Is The Ultimate Kickstart Guide To Making It Happen.

    Plus I'm Throwing In A Free Recipe Book With 12 Hormone Loving Recipes 
    This recipe book is the ultimate bonus to support your journey to balanced hormones by using the healing power of food as medicine.

    The recipe book has 12 hormone loving recipes that I created just for you to perfectly support the diet changes you will make during the 7 day challenge.
    And Before You Download The 7 Day Period Fix Challenge… I Want You To Know That There's No Catch!
    I realise this is very inexpensive and that I’m practically giving it away…

    And you’re probably wondering:

    “Why would you give it away for next to nothing?”…

    So there has to be a “catch”…

    I know there are some websites out there that offer you a great deal on something but then they stick you in some program that charges your card every month.

    This isn't one of them.

    There's NO hidden subscription charges or ongoing payments.

    I'm literally giving you this entire program for $27.00, because I have been where you are and I know how desperately you need guidance like I did

    I know I could sell this challenge for a LOT more, but I wanted to get this information into the hands of as many women as possible.
    But with all that said, there is ONE thing to keep in mind:
    This Won’t Last Long
    The truth is...

    I was planning on selling this program for $297, but I knew this would cut out a whole lot of women who desperately needed this advice to balance their hormones
    By Lowering The Price To $27.00 I Can Share This Life Changing Advice With More Women Who Need It
    I know that this challenge could be sold at a much higher price, but I am so passionate about supporting women who are struggling that I decided to make it as accessible as possible.

    Not only does joining the challenge give you access to everything we’ve already covered...

    You'll Also Grab A 7 Day Nutritionist Approved Meal Plan & Access To My Exclusive Nourished Support Sisterhood
    The nutritionist approved meal plan will help to take the guesswork out of how to organise your meals throughout the day to keep your hormones balanced without sacrificing taste. The meal plan is easy to follow and uses hormone loving recipes given to you in the FREE bonus recipe book.

    Access to my exclusive Nourished Support Sisterhood Facebook group will help keep you motivated and accountable during the 7 days and beyond. Any questions you have about individualising your challenge will be answered by myself or the Nourished team. We really want to support you along your journey and help you achieve the best results possible.

    And there's no charge for it. 

    This is my gift to you for jumping into this challenge because I know that live support is key to your success. 

    PLUS I’m also including these amazing bonuses valued at $149

    - Access to daily videos outlining your challenge
    - Downloadable audio files with your challenges
    - Access to the Nourished Sisterhood Facebook Group
    - 7 Day Hormone Balancing Meal Plan
    - Hormone Loving Recipe Book

    Oh. And in case you're wondering ...


    Of course there is a money-back guarantee.

    In fact, I think it's …
    The BEST Money-Back Guarantee 
    In The World

    Here’s the world’s best guarantee.

    Here’s the world’s best guarantee.

    I know that before I commit to something…

    …I like to know it’s backed by a solid money-back guarantee.

    And I want you to be comfortable with this purchase.

    And even though it’s only $27.00

    Like my grandpa used to say “Test drive the car before you drive it off the lot”…

    So here’s what I’ve arranged:

    Register for the 7 Day Hormone Reset Challenge, go through it all and apply what you learn.

    PLUS I’m also including these amazing bonuses valued at $400+

    And if you’re not blown away by what you discover.

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    Here's What's Included In The 7 Day Period Fix Challenge
    •  Discover Exactly What A Hormone Imbalance Is And What Normal Looks Like (All Explained On Day 1)…
    • ​Uncover Some Key Things You Can Do To Start Healing Your PCOS In Just A Week (All Explained Throughout The Challenge)…
    • ​How To Go Deep On Healing Your Hormonal Acne Once And For All (Get Stuck Into Day 4)…
    • ​What Your Poop Tells You About Your Hormones (Explained On Day 2)…
    • ​The Impact Of Caffeine And Alcohol On Your Hormones And What You Need To Do To Rid Them From Your Life (At Least Temporarily) (Deep In Day 1)…
    • ​The Key Thing That Everyone Is Getting Wrong About Diet And Hormonal Support: That Fat Doesn’t Actually Make You FAT And How Fat Can Actually Reduce Period Pain And PMS Symptoms (The Key Reveal In Day 3)…
    • ​The Key Mindset Shift That Needs To Take Place In Order To Start Balancing Your Hormones (A Little Pre-Day 1 Bonus For You)...
    • ​Why Giving Your Liver The Love And Attention That It Needs Is Critical To Healing Your Hormones Naturally (More Day 1 Goodness)…
    Register for the 7 Day Period Fix Challenge Now 

    Included Bonuses

    Access to daily videos outlining your challenge

    Access to daily videos of Tam outlining your daily hormone reset challenge. 

    Downloadable audio files with your challenges

    Want to listen to these on the run? Download the audio version of your daily hormone reset challenge and listen on the go.

    Access to the Nourished Sisterhood Facebook Group

    This will help keep you motivated and accountable during the 7 days and beyond. Any questions you have about individualising your challenge will be answered by myself or the Nourished team.

    7 Day Hormone Balancing Meal Plan

    The nutritionist approved meal plan will help to take the guesswork out of how to organise your meals throughout the day to keep your hormones balanced without sacrificing taste.

    Hormone Loving Recipe Book

    This recipe book is the ultimate bonus to support your journey to balanced hormones by using the healing power of food as medicine. 

    Access over $400+ of bonus value for just $27.

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     Frequently Asked Questions
    Who is the 7 Day Period Fix Challenge for?
    The 7 Day Hormone Reset Challenge is for anyone with a period, who is in need of a quick and easy way to get started with balancing their hormones using evidence based natural solutions.
    What is the 7 Day Period Fix Challenge about?
    The 7 Day Hormone Reset Challenge will guide you through 7 days of getting your body back into balance with evidence based natural solutions.
    How much time will I need to invest?
    The 7 Day Hormone Reset Challenge is designed to be an easy way for you to get started healing your hormones. The modules themselves will only take up 10 minutes of your day, but you may want to spend more time reading up on the bonuses and implementing the program. The short answer: you can reset your hormones in 10 minutes per day.
    Do you have a refund policy?
    We have a no questions asked, 30 day refund policy. Just reach out to our team.
    Does the 7 Day Period Fix involve nasty drugs, thousands of supplements or fad diets?
    No way! The 7 Day Hormone Reset will provide you with evidence based, natural solutions to get your body back into balance. There are absolutely no nasty chemicals or fad diets. We do recommend supplements throughout the program to supercharge your results, but these are a bonus.
    I have hormonal acne, PMS, short/long cycles, low libido, excess hair growth, a menstrual condition (eg. PCOS; endometriosis; etc) and/or am trying to conceive. Is this program right for me?
    This program is literally designed for women like you. You should absolutely jump on board now.
    I'm on the pill, IUD, or other contraceptives. Can I still join?
    Absolutely! The 7 Day Hormone Reset Challenge is designed for all women with a menstrual cycle and women who are on the pill or contraceptives will still see huge benefits from the changes they make in the program.